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A world of comfort

Introduce our AquaClean fabrics to your home and immediately notice the difference. If you are planning to buy a new couch, make sure to ask for our collections at the better furniture shop. Or perhaps you have a couch at home that could do with some additional protection. Possible. Have your existing couch reupholstered with our AquaClean fabrics and discover a world of comfort.

Design and ease of use

As a professional, you want to offer your customers the very best, combining design and ease of use. If you are a specifier (interior architect, designer…) or a fabric processor (upholsterer, furniture maker…), and would like to find out more about the AquaClean fabrics by Aristide, please contact us. We will happily make an appointment to introduce you to our collections.

Where can you find us?

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Aristide has been active internationally as a distributor/wholesaler of curtain and furniture fabrics since 1979. We develop and design our own fabrics and have these woven externally. We sell to professionals only. Private individuals can find our fabrics in the better fabric, decoration and furniture shops. Over recent years, the AquaClean collection has been becoming increasingly important in our portfolio thanks to its high added value. If you would like to find out more about our products and how we can collaborate, please visit our professional website or contact us directly.